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Splunk Citrix Event Visualization

Need to create a StoreFront Dashboard in Splunk?Splunk-Citrix-Event-Visualzation

Here is a quick SPL query you can run to gather some basic information on that state of the Citrix XenDesktop services that are running in your environment. If you want to narrow it down to your StoreFront hosts just replace the asterisk in the “host=”*”” with the names of your StoreFront servers or the beginning pattern of the host names for you StoreFront servers.


index=”windows” eventtype=hostmon_windows Type=Service host=”*” Name=”Citrix*” StartMode=”Auto” State=”*” | sort Name, State | table host, Name, StartMode, State

Want to know how many of each Citrix service is running across those hosts?

Just add  | stats count by Name

Want to know how many Citrix services are running on each host?

Just add | stats count by host



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