New Lab Setup

So I’m working on setting up a new lab to learn Citrix Xen Desktop among other things. Here is how I’ve configured it to start.

1 – QNAP NAS presenting storage via NFS

4 – Hosts with 8GB RAM each

1 – GigE Switch

This works out really well since I can get 3 – 4 VMs per host and the storage is all in one place. I know I need to be learning VSAN but I don’t have the equipment setup for that right now. That will be in the future. I’ll be using ESXi as the hypervisor since I haven’t found a place that uses Xen and I need to update to VMware 6.x. On the Windows side I’m looking to setup an AD domain for the house, a SQL server for holding all the DBs for the test environment including vCenter, Sophos firewall for home to keep the kids in check, and use the QNAP to store all the photos we take. I will be testing Citrix MCS and PVS with a trial version of the NetScaler. The trial version of Netscaler is why I went with the Sophos for the non-test firewall. Not sure yet if I am going to route all traffic through the Sophos or just the stuff I want to keep an eye on for the kids.

I’ll update when the lab is finished.

Author: Logan Bingham

Designing IT solutions for 20 years.

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