NetScaler Traffic Management Features

Netscaler traffic management

Here are the traffic management features of the Citrix NetScaler:

Cache Redirection

NetScaler Traffic Managaement analyzes incoming requests and forwards the requests for already cached data to cache servers. Dynamic HTTP requests and non-cacheable requests are forwarded to the origin servers.

Content Switching

Analyzes client requests and redirects the requests to specific servers on the basis of geographical area, authorization credentials, and device from which the request was initiated.


Ensures optimal distribution of traffic from the application and web servers to the database servers. Enables you to segment traffic according to information in the SQL query and on the basis of database names, user names, character sets, and packet size.

Domain Name System

Provides authoritative domain name server (ADNS server) functionality for a domain. The NetScaler appliance functions as a DNS end resolver and forwarder, and also helps in name resolution when fully qualified domain names are not configured.

Firewall Load Balancing

Distributes the traffic across multiple firewalls, providing fault tolerance, increased throughput, and high availability.

Global Server Load Balancing

Enables disaster recovery and ensures continuous availability of applications by protecting against points of failure in a wide area network (WAN).

Link Load Balancing

Load balances outbound traffic across multiple Internet connections to transmit packets seamlessly over the best possible link.

Load Balancing

Distributes user requests for web pages and other protected applications across multiple servers to prevent server overloading and failure. Load balancing also provides fault tolerance.

SSL Offload and Acceleration

Offloads SSL processing from a server to the NetScaler appliance to accelerate SSL transactions.

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