Citrix Event IDs 1 to 509 in Windows Event Logs

Citrix Event ID

Citrix Event ID

I’ve had trouble finding a list of Citrix Event ID’s to search for with Splunk when monitoring Windows Event Logs on the servers in our Citrix XenDesktop environment. So I’m documenting the Citrix XenDesktop Event IDs here. I hope you find it useful.

Looking for Citrix Event IDs 1000 to 1201

Looking for Citrix Event ID 2000 to 2102

Event ID to Monitor
Event Message Text
Event ID 1
PVS Stream Service Started
Event ID 2
Unexpected Error Occurred
Event ID 3
The broker service reported an error
Event ID 4
The requested data could not be found in the data ‘Active directory’
Event ID 5
Failed to connect to data source Verify that the data source is available
Event ID 6
Citrix Director Service unexpected error occurred
Event ID 7
Your logon attempt was unsuccessful
Event ID 11
StreamProcess; AquireLock Failed
Event ID 12
The OS Started at system time XXYYZZ
Event ID 13
The OS is shutting down at system time XXYYZZ
Event ID 20
The last shutdown’s success status was true. The last boot’s success status was true.
Event ID 50
A time difference of greater than XYZ
Event ID 101
Unable to contact Citrix License Server XXYYZZ
Event ID 108
VMTools The service was stopped
Event ID 109
The kernel power manager has initiated a shutdown transition
Event ID 129
Reset to device, XXY, was issued
Event ID 153
The IO operation at logical block address XXYYZZ for Disk X was retired
Event ID 509
The Citrix Broker Service is starting
Event ID 506
The Citrix Broker Service started successfully
Event ID 507
The Citrix Broker Service is shutting down
Event ID 508
The Citrix Broker Service shut down successfully
Event ID 509
The Citrix Broker Service SDK support started

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