Ordered New Home Theater Remote

So what to do when the home theater remote you’ve had for 4 years needs to be updated and it turns out the cloud service that it requires has been shut down by the manufacturer? Well you don’t purchase another remote from that vendor. No you go online and find a different one.

Now this time I admit I did not go with the most expensive option but I have framily that use this vendor and it works well for them. I have to program it for my receiver, projector, Blu-Ray player and my very old original AppleTV. I keep all my equipment in a closet at the back of the room behind the seating so I got a model with RF and IR blasters as a bundle as I’m not going to get out of the chair and open the door just to adjust volume.

I am not sure if the RF remote will work with my existing IR blaster so if it does maybe I can use one of them for a Robotics project! Anyway when it gets in I’ll post about the experience.

Hopefully it goes well.

Wish me luck.

Author: Logan Bingham

Designing IT solutions for 20 years.

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