Mash Temperature or Fermentation Temperature?

Whis is more important Mash Temperature or Fermentation Temperature?

So I’m thinking of getting into full grain brewing and as usual my brain starts working on trying to figure out “the best way” to put together the all grain brewing setup.3 Tier Brewing System

The hot liquor tun or the sparge water tun which is the first step is only used to hold hot water so that is not too complicated. Naturally I first started looking into the Mash Tun, which in a 3 tier brewing system is the second step but it is where the magic happens before the boil. We are engaging enzymes to manipulate chains of sugar to feed the yeast in this step so it had to be important and you have to keep the temperature at set levels to not mess up the enzyme magic sugar splitting. The mash temperature also affects the mouth feel and lots of other aspects.

Well with all good hobbies there are always options, so many you head could explode, and there are always very expensive options.

But it turns out after doing some research and asking members of the Carolina Brew Masters that it is fermentation temperature that is more important to the taste of the beer not the temperature control of the mash.

Fermentation temperature is much easier to control since all you have to do is regulate the temperature of your fermentation vessel to the range of the yeast you are using. That is as easy as an old freezer and a temperature control unit that can be purchased for around $80 or you can make one from parts on Amazon for $45 if you you are a maker.

I’ll right up some plans on the configuration I’m going use in another post. Might even delve deeper into why fermentation temperature is so important as well.


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