FM Radio with the Kids

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So 2 of my kids want are interested in building a FM radio. The other one wants to build a R/C car that goes at least 55 mph. I order the FM radio kit yesterday. The R/C car is a future project.

I looked at a lot of kits and diy radio books but because the kids want to do it I went with a small kit that only deals with FM, has an illustrated PCB, and comes with educational instructions. It does require soldering but that is a skill I always need to improve on and they need to learn.

I ordered the Elenco FM radio kit for less than $20 delivered from Amazon.

If we mess it up it won’t break the bank. Plus of it works I can order an other one sho both girls have their own FM radio they helped make.

I hope to learn some from this because lately I want to build a stereo from scratch. I don’t have any experience in audio circuits so this seemed like a good place to start and if we all 3 stay with it then it will be a fun journey.

Author: Logan Bingham

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