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Splunk Citrix Event Visualization

XenDesktop Error Visualization in Splunk

Citrix XenDesktop Errors Visualized with Splunk Here are the Splunk Queries I use when I need to create Splunk timechart dashboards to visualize Citrix XenDesktop errors. Try them out and let me know how they work in your environment. This SPL Query grabs all Citrix related errors: All Citrix Errors index=”wineventlog” sourcetype=”WinEventLog:Application” SourceName=”Citrix*” error |…

Splunk Citrix Event Visualization

Splunk StoreFront Dashboard

Need to create a StoreFront Dashboard in Splunk? Here is a quick SPL query you can run to gather some basic information on that state of the Citrix XenDesktop services that are running in your environment. If you want to narrow it down to your StoreFront hosts just replace the asterisk in the “host=”*”” with…

Splunk Antivirus Exemptions

Splunk Antivirus Exemptions There are 2 main parts of your Splunk environment that will need exemptions from Antivirus software: the hosts that run Splunk and the hosts that run Universal Forwarder. The file locations are different for Windows and Linux. The file paths assume you have installed Splunk to the default location. If your environment…

Splunk PVS Boot Time In Seconds

Citrix PVS Boot Time Splunk Query

Ever wonder how to get the boot time that Citrix XenDesktop PVS puts in the Windows Application Event Log in a format that you can calculate in Splunk? I have my Windows Event Logs dumped into index=wineventlog with a sourcetype=WinEventLog:Application. When looking for the PVS bootime you need search for SourceName=StreamProcess. That will give you…

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