From Beer to BBQ

Since I’m no longer in the states I’ve had to give up brewing beer. I sadly parted with all my home brew equipment before loading the rest of the house into a container. I am hopeful that the equipment will be used since most of it was sold to home brewers that I know. That is the only way I see a silver lining.

Now that brewing is not an option I have now decided to focus my hobby energies on BBQ and Grilling. What’s great about that is I can still drink beer while doing my hobby and just like home brewing my friends can partake in the finished product.

I shipped the old reliable gas grill but I wanted to get into charcoal or wood burning grilling. This led me to a shish kabob rotisserie grill from Cyprus. It has 3 large skewers that are parallel with the grill bed and 12 skewers that are perpendicular with the grill bed. The 3 large skewers are height adjustable. All the skewers are rotated automatically with a motor! How cool is that? Cyprus Grill

So that was not enough because how would one grill burgers, chicken, and brats? Well, with a regular charcoal grill of course. But how would one then smoke meat for BBQ? Well, with a smoker of course. No longer in the states I do not have access to the huge garage that I used to so I just purchased the smoker and turns out it grill just fine and there are no flare ups as with the gas or regular charcoal grill. BBQ Smoker

As you can tell I have moved from beer gadgets to grill gadgets but this is will be a great hobby for me and all my friends, including the ones that don’t eat meat. I’d love to have a reason to try a fancy veggie approved meal. Just let me know.Hamburger Dinner

Author: Logan Bingham

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