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Designing IT solutions for 20 years.

How Slow is Slow?

Without a point of reference for comparison—a watched and ticking timer or a head-to-head race—most people won’t notice less than 33% difference in the time to complete a familiar task. A typical observer—one not actually timing things—faced with an hour-long task that completed in 40 minutes will think “hey, that seemed fast.” The same observer,…

Hyper-V PowerShell

Hyper-V 2016 PowerShell Commands

Here are the PowerShell commands that I found useful when studying for the Windows Server 2016 MCSE. I hope you find them useful. If you do please let me know. Here is the PowerShell command to create a new Hyper-V virtual hard disk image file. new-vhd –path c:\filename.vhd|c:\filename.vhdx –fixed|-dynamic|-differencing –sizebytes size [-blocksizebytes blocksize] [-logicalsectorsizebytes 512|4096]…

Splunk Citrix Event Visualization

XenDesktop Error Visualization in Splunk

Citrix XenDesktop Errors Visualized with Splunk Here are the Splunk Queries I use when I need to create Splunk timechart dashboards to visualize Citrix XenDesktop errors. Try them out and let me know how they work in your environment. This SPL Query grabs all Citrix related errors: All Citrix Errors index=”wineventlog” sourcetype=”WinEventLog:Application” SourceName=”Citrix*” error |…

Splunk Citrix Event Visualization

Splunk StoreFront Dashboard

Need to create a StoreFront Dashboard in Splunk? Here is a quick SPL query you can run to gather some basic information on that state of the Citrix XenDesktop services that are running in your environment. If you want to narrow it down to your StoreFront hosts just replace the asterisk in the “host=”*”” with…

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