BrewPi Manual Install on Weezy

So tonight I’m giving the manual path of installing BrewPi on a Debian Weezy VM. I want to see if I can get BrewPi up and running without the Raspberry PI and the BrewPi Shield.BrewPi

Nothing against the great BrewPi devs but I wanna see if I can make the setup so easy that not tech people in my homebrew club can get it working without being turned off by all the tech and DIY you have to do.

I’ve got the VM and pulled the files down from the GIT repository.

Did not need to run SUDO since I was just logged in as ROOT. I know. I know it is just a first run through and wont be production so that’s OK.

The install script was setup to run SUDO so I had edit it in VI to remove those commands. Everything was loading fine until the APT-GET bombed out. I ran each package individually and only 1 would not run: python-configobj. I’ll have to research that package if it wont run without it. Basically just delete line 179.

For some reason I’m listening to Nemisis and Too $hort. Oh the memories.

OK. Edited the to remove SUDO and now the Cron job runs and the website loads!

BrewPi Web Interface


Script is not running  but I’ll check on that. BrewPi docs say I need to program the Arduino next.


Is School Night for Scouts Good for September?

So last week was school night for scouting in our district. It went really well we more than doubled in size. But I had 2 parents ask about joining in January since their son plays sports in the fall. Now Pack 422 might be unique since our charter organization only allows us to meet one night a week in only one room with a large garage space attached so we cannot meet any other day of the week. I also got a lot of questions about dues and had to explain those who sign up at school night have to pay a prorated amount that covers them from September to December and then pay the full amount in January. Wait I already had a discussion that included January and joining.

So the question popped in my head of moving school night for scouting to after Christmas break?  That would make recharter and collecting dues much easier. Plus we have a campout the day after school night that no one other than existing scouts know about and can plan for followed 2 weeks later by Fun with Son which is followed itself 2 weeks later by Gold Rush and Popcorn. That along with the required paperwork and don’t forget that school only started 2 weeks before school night and it can get extremely overwhelming for parents who are new to scouts.
So what about January for school night?